Bible Study for St. Boniface & St. Lawrence

After such a long hiatus because of a pain issue, I believe I am able now to resume our study of Sacred Scripture. The format that you are familiar with will be the same.

Teaching scripture is very important especially since we as a denomination have not given the Sacred Scripture in our teaching that much attention. This has been a tragic mistake and I us that word deliberately. That has had so many sad consequences that we will be witnessing for at least two generations.

I am happy to begin! I have missed it so much. The study material will be the scripture readings for the approaching Sunday. This is known as the Lectionary readings. (The book we read from at Our Eucharist.)

Our study is for beginners as well as for those who have been studying for some time. You are aware that this will cover a reading from the First Testament (Old), a reading from Paul or another early disciple, and a Gospel passage.

Classes will be held at the St. Lawrence Church Hall at 6:30pm. Here is a tentative schedule for September through the Holy Days in December:

September 19 & 26
October 3, 10, 24, & 31
November 14 & 21
December 5 & 12